How can you do

to help save the lives of
Aussie kids with cancer?

Each month, 90 kids are diagnosed with cancer in Australia

As many as 90% of the kids who survive will develop one or more chronic health conditions. 

This September we want to help them feel BETTER.

Run, walk or roll 90km and help raise money for research into BETTER treatments, BETTER care and BETTER outcomes.

You’ll be helping to create a BETTER future for kids with cancer.


People who are
helping to do BETTER


Funds raised to support
kids' cancer research

BETTER treatments.
BETTER outcomes.
BETTER cancer care for kids.

Run, walk or roll 90km in the month of September to help kids with cancer feel BETTER.

How to begin your BETTER Challenge?


Start by registering (it's FREE!) for the challenge and enter in your details


Tell your friends and family why you want to do better. Get them involved to do better too!


Encourage and remind your friends, family and community to support you through donations

Who’s doing better out there?

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Who will you do better for?

Blowing out the candles on his third birthday, Bradley looked every part a healthy, happy, and curious little boy. Just two months later, Bradley and his family received a shattering diagnosis, Bradley was diagnosed with leukaemia. 

Like many children undergoing aggressive cancer treatments, Bradley began experiencing the ups and downs of fevers, vomiting, mood swings and hair loss. Intensive chemotherapy ravaged Bradley’s immune system.

“These side effects have been hard for Bradley and everyone in our family to cope with,” Tanya, Bradley’s mother, said. 

Tanya and Bradley’s little sibling Charlie will be joining The Better Challenge again in 2022, walking 90km to help raise funds so that not one more child needs to go through what Bradley has. 

Training has already begun to exceed last year’s goal, with every step taken dedicated to Bradley. 

Step alongside them and help more Aussie kids with cancer to feel better.

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