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Help us find kinder, more effective treatments

90 Aussie kids will be diagnosed with cancer this month.

As many as 90% of the kids who survive will develop one or more chronic health conditions as a result of treatments

By 50, survivors experience five severe or life-threatening chronic conditions on average.

About The Kids' Cancer Project

We are an independent national charity supporting childhood cancer research. Since 1993, thanks to strong community support, we have been able to contribute tens of millions of dollars to scientific studies to help children with many types of cancer. 

We believe that the only way to improve outcomes for kids with cancer is through advances in medical research.

Help us find kinder, more effective treatments.

" My promise is to never give up until every child survives cancer with minimal or no long-term effects "

- Founder, Col Reynolds OAM

Meet Dr Lauren Ha

Lauren Ha is the creator of iBounce, a new digital health project specifically designed for children who have been through cancer.

Young survivors of cancer in Australia are up to 15 times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than their peers. Maintaining a physically active lifestyle has been shown to improve late effects of cancer. However, over 70% of young survivors don’t meet the recommended physical activity guidelines.

Which is where iBounce comes in. As Lauren describes it, iBounce aims to educate and promote a lifelong uptake of physical activity and healthy behaviours. This will improve overall fitness levels and quality of life for young survivors.

Help Lauren and The Kids’ Cancer Project to make the iBounce project a reality. You’ll be helping kids who have survived cancer to feel BETTER.


We believe that the only way to improve outcomes for kids with cancer is through medical research


Our focus is to find better treatments, build capabilities and develop survivorship programs


Founder, Col Reynolds OAM, promised not to give up until a cure is found. That’s our ultimate aim

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