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So far this year I have helped provide:

$200 Raised

funded one hour of research to work on finding a cure for kids' cancer

$600 Raised

funded a global cancer specialist to consult on better treatment for three kids

$1000 Raised

funded an gene panel analysis for three kids with brain cancer

Help me create a BETTER future for kids with cancer.

90 children are diagnosed with cancer each month in Australia. As many as 90% of kids who survive will develop one or more chronic health conditions. 

We’ve got to find a better way to help them.

That’s why I am taking action. This September, I will log 120km of movement to help raise money for cancer treatments that are kinder, gentler and more effective.

Why 120km? Cause last year I did 120km too! With my foot injury in early March this year this become a real challenge for me, but I still want to up my challenge from the standard 90 to 120 km, and slowly prepare myself to join the City to Surf 2023 next year!!!!

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to The Kids’ Cancer Project.

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Friday 16th Sep
This year I am again do the Better Challenge for the Kids Cancer Project. 

It's a bit of a challenge for me as well as I sprained my ankle badly back in Feb 2022, it takes forever to recover.  However, I know compare to the pain I am having it's nothing for the poor sick kids who had cancer. 

Can you please help me to make a difference? 

We need more care, love and support to in this community especially during this difficult time.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ian Mak

Good on you, Honey! All the best~!


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Suzanne Davis

Go Claudia. You got this!!! 😊


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Prasanna Mool


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Go Claudia!!



Clee Clee Go Go GOOOO!!


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Ali Mustapha


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