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So far this year I have helped provide:

$200 Raised

funded one hour of research to work on finding a cure for kids' cancer

$600 Raised

funded a global cancer specialist to consult on better treatment for three kids

$1000 Raised

funded an gene panel analysis for three kids with brain cancer

Help me create a BETTER future for kids with cancer.

90 children are diagnosed with cancer each month in Australia. As many as 90% of kids who survive will develop one or more chronic health conditions. 

We’ve got to find a better way to help them.

That’s why I am taking action. This September, I will log 250km of movement to help raise money for cancer treatments that are kinder, gentler and more effective.

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to The Kids’ Cancer Project.

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We hit $5,000 so shift the target

Friday 16th Sep
Now that I am halfway through the better challenge im confident on exceeding the targets set at the beginning of the month. Already with everybodies donations we have raised over the $5,000 target so now im turning my aim at $7,000. What a seriously amazing effort by the community! Im upholding my promise to reach 250km's and although im nervous about the 60minute 10km race I have a plan and will stick to it. This whole challenge really reminds me of running training where setting goals is so important. When you reach a goal you need to keep moving the goal posts and the journey is about continual improvement. My heart goes out to all those fighting childhood cancer and I am glad to beable to contribute to the cause.

A Daily Route to hit the goal

Friday 16th Sep

River Run 100

Monday 12th Sep
Yesterday I ran The River Run 100 another 10km Race. I am pleased to announce I got even closer to my 1 hour goal. Finishing in 1hour 6 minutes shaving off another 5 minutes. A 6:30am start time on a Sunday is always a tough ask but I just kept thinking about my sister and the better challenge and what I am doing this for. Its idealistic to say we only do these things for ourself, to get fitter and live better, but in reality I would much rather be in bed sleeping in after a week of over 65km's but doing this for a cause makes it much easier to commit. 

I have had so many generous contributors and supporters in my first week of the challenge and I want to thank you all. I have almost got to my $5,000 Personal goal which is going to go to such an amazing charity. 

Bridge to Brisbane Complete

Monday 29th Aug
It was an early sunday start and 7km's in I didnt think I could finish. I had to dig really deep and pushed the final 3km's through some serious pain. I managed to complete to 10km's in 1hour 11 minutes beating my last time by 12 minutes. I feel great that I have started off this challenge like this and for such a great cause. Now the real hard work begins to conquer 250km's for september. Thanks to everybody who has supported

Bridge to Brisbane

Friday 26th Aug
This Sunday I will be racing in the Bridge to Brisbane. This will be a great entree to the month long challenge to reach 250km's. I am dedicating this first run to my sister and setting a stretch goal to get across the line in 1 hour! Wish me Luck

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sharron, Stephen & Family

Thinking of you & the family in these dark days. Sharron, Stephen & family



A very worthy cause. Thinking of you all at this sad and difficult time. Love and Hugs, Jxx


David Libter

Dearest Jonathan. This is an admirable gesture to focus the pain that Tammy, Colman, Gallia, Lissy and you are experiencing. We send you hugs and love and thank you for thinking of others during this tragic time of grief. Much love to you all, especially to Tammy, Stork and Robert




Matched By Rams

RAMs have generously matched this donation!



Very proud of both of my kids.


Matched By Rams

RAMs have generously matched this donation!





Good cause. Have a great fun run.


Leonora Abeshouse

Good Luck and best wishes to all family




Matched By Vivcourt And Corporate Match 2.0

VivCourt and Corporate Match 2.0 have generously matched this donation!




Evelynne Cherny


Barbara Romolo

Love from ‘Auntie Barbara’


Tammy Butow


Colman Bryant



Dear Jono I know you and your family are going trough a difficult time. I also know that you support each other, strong and united. We all send you a big hug and a lot of love, for taking the pain to do good for those children Hadas and Klaman


Keith Holdaway

Jonathan! Good on you mate! It’s been a while since last we saw each other in Oz! Keep me posted on your brilliant work raising money for great causes! All the best Keith


David Bruhl

Best wishes for a happy future


Yvonne Ramler

Well done What an achievement. So special


Kim Weddell


Sylvia Metsch

Goodluck for the run and helping our children


Tania & Ian Freeman

Dear Jono, Your efforts will help to save many lives in the future. We are so sorry for the loss that you and your family are enduring. Best of luck with your running. Love Tania & Ian


Glenn R

Good luck 🤞 very worthy cause.


Judy Becher


Jacky Igla

A very worthy cause to run for.


Albert & Kerre


Minette Lang


Amy Doldissen

This is really great Jono. All the best xx


Matched By Vivcourt And Corporate Match 2.0

VivCourt and Corporate Match 2.0 have generously matched this donation!


Sharon Warren

Sending love


Cynthia Mclean



Great cause Jono, well done!


Stewart Cathie

Good luck Jono. Burn those calories.