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So far this year I have helped provide:

$200 Raised

funded one hour of research to work on finding a cure for kids' cancer

$600 Raised

funded a global cancer specialist to consult on better treatment for three kids

$1000 Raised

funded an gene panel analysis for three kids with brain cancer

Help me create a BETTER future for kids with cancer.

Clocking up 90km's in September 🏃‍♂️ Supporting Tanya, her beautiful family and most importantly Bradley💪


Tanya's Story:

At just three years old, my little Bradley was diagnosed with Leukaemia. He was immediately put onto an aggressive cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, and spent a lot of 2021 in hospital. In this time, I had to watch my bright boy go through some of the most horrific side effects of cancer treatment. Mood swings, hair loss, muscle weakness, nausea and rapid weight changes were difficult for both Bradley and the family. How do you explain to a three-year old that the medicine that makes them feel so sick is actually saving their life?

And this is why Pete and I are taking action this September. We will be walking and jogging 90 KM each to fundraise for The Kids’ Cancer Project. With your help, we can support life changing research to find KINDER and MORE EFFECTIVE treatments for kids with cancer. No child should have to experience what Bradley has. 

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Robyn Duncan

What a very worthy cause you are supporting. Do well on the walk.


Amy Graham

Applaud you for your efforts in supporting such a wonderful cause!


Jessica Tabb

What a wonderful cause to walk for. Good luck!


Sarah Tricker


Nellie Dyson




Donna Peters

Thanks for all effort for Bradley and "The Kids' Cancer Project"