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So far this year I have helped provide:

$200 Raised

funded one hour of research to work on finding a cure for kids' cancer

$600 Raised

funded a global cancer specialist to consult on better treatment for three kids

$1000 Raised

funded an gene panel analysis for three kids with brain cancer

Help us create a BETTER future for kids with cancer.

90 children are diagnosed with cancer each month in Australia. As many as 90% of kids who survive will develop one or more chronic health conditions. 

We’ve got to find a better way to help them.

That’s why we are taking action. This September, We will log 90km of movement each to help raise money for cancer treatments that are kinder, gentler and more effective for kids just like kade 🎗💛

Please support us by making a tax-deductible donation to The Kids’ Cancer Project and amount will be greatly appreciated ❤️

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We hit our target 👏🏼

Friday 9th Sep
WE made the $1000 woohoo.. we are so thankful for everyone that has donated so far. Janelle is an absolute champ at getting these steps done and there is no way we would be this far with out her ❤️

Daily total

Tuesday 6th Sep
Each day you will see we add the total of our walks. This is a joint number for janelle and myself 😊

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Julie Reynolds



Well done girls ❤️


Lynn Andrews


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Great work


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Kaylie Rupert

You are an absolute champion Captain!xx


Rhett Thomas


The Reichles




Keri Fogell


Carmen Munslow-davies

Wish I could help more. 🙏 Thinking of you all especially Captain Kade. Superboy ❤️🦘👍


Keeley Cooke