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So far this year I have helped provide:

$200 Raised

funded one hour of research to work on finding a cure for kids' cancer

$600 Raised

funded a global cancer specialist to consult on better treatment for three kids

$1000 Raised

funded an gene panel analysis for three kids with brain cancer

Help me create a BETTER future for kids with cancer.

90 children are diagnosed with cancer each month in Australia. As many as 90% of kids who survive will develop one or more chronic health conditions. 

We’ve got to find a better way to help them.

That’s why I am taking action. This September, I will log 90km of movement to help raise money for cancer treatments that are kinder, gentler and more effective.

Please support me by making a tax-deductible donation to The Kids’ Cancer Project.

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Saturday 3rd Sep
90 kms completed this morning !!!!! Fair to say I am a bit sore !!!!! Time to go get a massage !!!!

32 kms Down !!!!!

Thursday 1st Sep
A total of 32km completed today !!! 
58kms to go 

September 1

Thursday 1st Sep
Started off well 
Aim is for 20kms a day 

Let’s see how sore we are tomorrow 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Connect National Audit

Well done Marian


Jason Z


Chris Borg


Elliott Da Silva

Good luck, I'm sure you'll make easy work of the 90km!


Podium Money


John Triantafyllou



Wishing you all the best. Such a great cause.


Json Z



It’s always lovely to help others less fortunate and in need.


Charlotte Kras




Marian Georgiou


Marian Georgiou


Marian Georgiou


Mick Triantafyllou

Great to support every little bit helps.


Ourania Giannopoulos





Go Marian! Warm regards, August


Thilini D

Great work Marian. Good Luck


Sandie Lea

Runners' Rules: Put your shoes on. Open the door. Run. Go Marian! Run for Life.


Anna Wijeyesinghe

All the best Marian. A great effort for a great cause.


Nick Georgiou


Danielle Cunningham

Great cause! Good luck x



An amazing cause! Go Mezz :)


Stephen Kouvardas

Good Luck! all the best! Good fortune to you! May the gods smile on your endeavour!


Kristy Yap

Keep Going


Isla ❤️

Great work Thea Mez!


Maria Aloizos

Great cause Marian!


Adept Advisory Pty Ltd

Well done Marian. Great cause. Good luck.



Well done Marian, 90mins done and dusted and all for an amazing cause! xx


Vladimir Vaas

All the best


Michael Phan

Great work in supporting a good cause Marian.


Anthea Georgiou

Go Mezzy! I’m sure each day you’ll get your steps up before the sun rises ☀️


Ariadne Georgiou