Fundraising Tips

Tips For Conquering The BETTER Challenge

Use these tips to reach your fundraising goals. Remember, every dollar you raise will help fund research into better treatments for childhood cancer. Do BETTER to save lives!

Set some goals

You’ve got one month to workout on the daily. Make it count. Make a fundraising goal… Then double it.

Set yourself an ambitious target and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you exceed it! Make a personal donation to kick start your efforts.

Remember who it’s for

Let others know that you’re doing The Better Challenge. Share your passion for finding better treatments for kids with cancer.

It’s always helpful to let people know why you’re getting involved!

Share your progress

Keep yourself accountable by sharing images and videos of you doing The Better Challenge. We've included tiles and inspiration in the the resource section.

Suggest an amount

People feel more comfortable by being given a guide on how much to donate. It’s a good idea to let them know how much you are hoping to raise.

Keep fundraising top of mind

Share the link to your unique fundraising page by email and social media. You can even use the special Better Challenge email signature banner and link it to your fundraising page. Make tech your fundraising friend!

Have fun!

Getting fit feels good. And the better you feel, the more K's you can do and the more money you can raise. Listen to great music, do the Better Challenge with friends, carve out some you time and enjoy yourself.

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